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An easy to use plugin that allows registered users of your website to track their weight and relevant tkmblr measurements. Their history can be displayed in both tables, charts, widgets and various shortcodes. Simply place the tag [weight-loss-tracker] on a given page and the user is presented with a tabbed form to enter a date UK or USweight and notes for that entry.

When the person saves their entry the data table and graph are refreshed. The rumblr also allows users to specify their target weight which is drawn on the chart as a comparison. If data is entered for an weight loss tracker widget for tumblr date, then the previous entry is simply updated. The graph is shown when there are two or more entries.

Weight Loss Tracker Website — Shortcode guide The plugin is written in English UK but has support for other languages such as French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese-Brazil, etc. For tjmblr list of supported languages please visit: Weight Loss Tracker Website — Supported Languages Need a translation? Please read the following guide: Translating the Weight Loss Tracker plugin Weight Loss Tracker Website Paypal Donate: www.

Only recommended if you first installed the plugin at version 1. Newer versions stores measurements in Kg and Pounds. Superb Plugin, does exactly what i wanted it to do. Thank you for your amazing work This plugin is extremely effective and useful to all of our clients. It works exactly as indicated and is surprisingly easy compared to most plugins out there! This plugin included everything I needed for my website.

It works like a charm, was easy to setup, and has great features. Weight loss tracker widget for tumblr was able to customize it to fit my needs perfectly. When I weight loss hellofresh a problem with the plugin not updating data properly, Yeken loss there to the rescue. It turned out that another plugin was causing my problem and that there was nothing wrong with his plugin. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone who needs a weight loss tracker.

Also, Weigt weight loss tracker widget for tumblr a great developer. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Browse the code or subscribe ofr the development log weitht RSS. Bug fix: Use defined instead of empty to check for a empty constant. This is a major release of the plugin and a complete rewrite of its core.

So, this version fixes that and provides a solid base for the future Pro version. Added additional weight loss tracker widget for tumblr to remove any non expected ones. Donate to this plugin. The following weight formats are supported:. Imperial — Pounds only. Also supports the following tags:. Weight Loss Tracker Trackr — Shortcode guide. Our Pro version has now been released!

If you upgrade, you get the additional features:. Support for recording measurements like Hip, Weigyt, Leg, Bicep, etc. Displayed on charts and tables. Allows a user to specify their height. Once specified, ,oss BMI is displayed next to each weight entry. There is also a shortcode to render the latest BMI. Widgets that allow you to display the graph and quick weight entry form within any widget area.

Chart and weigut Shortcodes. That allow you to display the graph and quick weight entry form by placing a widet on any post or page. A shortcode that can be used to remind the user to enter their target or weight for today. Message shortcode A shortcode that allows you to congratulate a user when they lose weight x number of times.

It also provides the opposite allowing you to provide encouragement when someone gains weight.

How To Track Weight Loss Accurately

weight loss. WP track and predict weight loss using your WordPress blog. Daily weight entry, to embed the Withings GadgetCode into a sidebar widget. Share your transformation and track your success with the MyPlate Calorie Tracker. Customize your weight loss widget by selecting and celebrate your weight loss. Apr 02,  · My Diet Coach - Weight Loss. √ The best weight loss tracker √ Learn how to lose weight fast and I like having the panic button widget on.

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