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She said usual meal planning should still be extra easy. The lack of yogurt on SP was really hard too. Weeight at that as usually I only lose between 0. For day 2 I am starting the day again with a 5km run. Can't wait to see how the rest of us get on xx. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

You are slimmibg an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Discussion in ' Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In ' started by Alice905 January Social URL. Log in or Sign up. Stop sending me notifications for this forum. Subscribe to all new posts in this forum! Thank you for subscribing! You will now get notifications for all posts in this forum.

You have been unsubscribed. You can re-subscribe to notifications for this forum any time you wish. Extra Easy SP weigh in. Discussion in ' Slimming World s Weekly Weigh In weight loss on slimming world sp started by Alice905 January Social URL. Page 1 of 2. As so many people are enjoying their first week on SP I thought it would be a good idea if we shared what we managed to lose in our first week of SP so we can inspire others loxs might be considering SP to boost their results.

I know there is a sticky already but I thought this could concentrate on just weigh ins. I did try and post it in the weekly weigh in sub forum but it wouldn't load on my app?! I weigh in on Thursdays and have been following SP since last Thursday so I'm excited to share with you what will hopefully be a good start to Register an account for free to disable ads in threads!

Hi, great thread I just rejoined tonight myself and I'm doing an SP week for my first week im so excited and weight loss on slimming world sp to get weighed again already. I wish you luck can't wait to hear how you get on!!. I have done a week of SP and weigh on Tues xxx. Extra Easy SP Plan if anyone wants to check it out. Looking forward to seeing losses for first week on sp. I'd like to join in with this, only joined a group tonight so I'll let you know next week.

Sent from my iPad using MiniMins. Target: Aiming for a 70lbs loss- 7lbs at a time starting date: 6th January I'm interested to see what the losses are! I've been doing SP since Friday and weigh in tomorrow evening so will update after then. But I'm not expecting it to be much since I had a big undeserved loss last Thursday and think that may impact weigh in tomorrow!.

Weighed in tonight and I lost 4lbs. Amazed at that as usually I only lose between 0. My best friend who poss more to lose than me lost an amazing 8. I'm so proud of her xxx Sent from my iPhone using MiniMins. Well done both of you! Can't wait to see how the rest of us get on xx. I'll be sharing my loss after Monday night - this is my 4th day on Extra Easy SP and it's getting easier, I think!. I'm also quite close to target ignore my stats on here I haven't updated in a while so maybe I won't see any really big losses anymore.

Good luck everyone and keep posting your successes xx. Hi Everyone, im just joining in as im doing SP this week for 4 days, i weigh in on Thursday. Have found it really good actually and have felt fuller on this than on EE surprisingly as i love my pasta!!! Know i over synned at weekend so hoping the Mon-Thur SP will pull that back and maybe a little extra! Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow, well done to everyone so far there are some brilliant losses!.

I have done three days of SP this week so far and am excited for my saturday weigh in feel very bloated and gassy though :- x. Getting married on Feb 11th !! Glad it's not looss me I've been feeling really full and bloated despite no carbs which I don't really get!!!. Think all the veg and eggs are turning lose kg fat into a bit of worlc balloon!. Start Weight: 12st12lb Slmiming Weight: 9st Oh, hello btw haha! I'm a target member but riiiiiight at the top so am trying SP for a week to try and weight loss on slimming world sp a nice loss and get in a more comfortable range.

I was terrified of SP as I'm a carb FIEND, and always failed at red days. However finding it a lot easier than I thought as you can still have beans and pulses on SP, which of course you cant on read. So im basically living on poss and baked beans and cooked meats normally do EE or green days so not loads of meat and my GOD I FEEL HUGE!!! I'm not missing the carbs and am nice and full but think I'm going to have to focus on picking S foods as snacks and more in meals, rather than going to the fridge and snacking on a chicken drumstick!!

What I Ate in An Extra Easy SP Day to LOSE WEIGHT 120lbs lost

Slimming World SP. 32, likes · 77 talking about this. This page is for people who are doing the SP plan from Slimming World. It's some good weight so that I. 20% Off + Free Shipping on $99+ At Dr. Sinatra's Official Site. » Slimming World SP. I just LOVE all the slimming world / weight Who on earth comes onto a thread that asks a specific question about a specific weight - loss.

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