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I'd give it a 2. I worked it for about 4 or 5 months but really never was comfortable with the way I felt on the food. Not a bad experience but it definitely did not suit me. I learned some and lost weight which, of course, I regained But since leaving I've been stalked by them. It has been a year and I still receive calls. I told them again today to stop and if they do not I will have to figure out some way to stop them.

Their marketing model is really not good. Then their food was making me very ill. So I stopped buying their food. Suddenly all the counselors turned into huge B words. After a couple weeks one counselor true weight loss round rock tx me running out in tears. Told me "I don't know what you expect us to do if you aren't even buying our food.

I moved to Colorado and thought maybe a new clinic would go better. Unfortunately the closest clinic to me is over a 40 min drive. I work 12 hours a true weight loss round rock tx, there is no way for me to get there. So I called about a refund. I was informed that as long as the clinic is within 30 miles no refund. So if all you want is screwed and manipulated out of your money then this place is great. Or if you enjoy weight loss counselors being rude to you. I've gotta disagree with the low reviews I've tried calorie counting, I've tried Atkins, I've tried all sorts of stuff.

I could lose- but the weight would fluctuate, and I could never break my plateau at around I'm attempting to enlist in the Texas State Guard and have to lose The ladies at the Louis Henna MediFast clinic have been a great help to me. Could I do it by myself? But the encouragement sure is nice. Is it like eating at Ruth's Chris every day? OK, it's very small portions. The soups tend to be 8oz portions, as are the shakes. The thicker fare, like the vegetarian sloppy joe and the chili are 4oz portions.

The meal bars are small - but TASTY. I fell in love with the parmesan puffs, mostly because they taste like croutons and I used to snack on croutons like most people eat chips or popcorn. The eggs are actually pretty tasty, and I have no complaints about the pancakes or the shakes Now, the peanut butter soft serve is a little - missing something. I add a bit of splenda to that.

I also doctor my soups and the beef stew with Tabasco or Worchestershire. You can't expect gourmet at calories or less, and for my money and it is kinda pricey, and by kinda I mean 6 credit hours at my online school pricey it's pretty reasonable. I actually look forward to my MediFast meals. I've gotten used to them, and they sort of seem like my "field rations" getting me through this - the most difficult mission I've been on in my life.

In the last year I decided to true weight loss round rock tx back to college full-time while working full time. Then I got placed with two foster kids. Then I got involved with the State Guard. I am one busy somanumbatch. That made weight loss REALLY difficult. MediFast takes most of the guesswork out of it for me. The food you purchase from MediFast - well, everyone has their favorites and not-so-favorites. I found out I'm like one of the few numi pu erh tea for weight loss really likes the Maryland Crab Soup It's also sub-optimal for some people.

For me - well, I lost I'll let that speak for itself Live long and prosper, True Believers So far the service has been good. Not sure on the food yet. I have lost 9 lbs in a week and a half. FOOD MADE ME SICK!!!. I had done medifast years before and decided to try it again after having a baby to lose the baby weight. I am in good health and do not have any issues.

Shortly after ordering my supply I started to notice whenever I ate the food I would get extremely sick. I was throwing up, so dizzy I can't stand and this would last for many hours. I really couldn't connect the two and just thought it was a coincidence. So I waited weeks and then tried again and it would make me sick again. I called Medifast to tell them what happened and asked to true weight loss round rock tx my food they said I couldn't return it because it was past 30 days.

Here's what I have true weight loss round rock tx say:. Hence, why they refused to stand by their product. If you are doing this diet you know that it is not healthy to eat a calorie diet.

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Our clinics have been helping people lose weight for and reach your weight loss goals. Our proven preventative medical solution is Round Rock, TX. Find weight control services in Round Rock, TX on Yellowbook. A New You Weight Loss LLC. True Weight Loss Clinic. 6 reviews of Medifast Weight Control "I'd give it a if I could but thought I'd be generous. Round Rock, TX True Weight Loss Clinic.

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