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I have struggled with my weight every since I was in middle school. You saved my life girl, no lie. Heide your recipe s are so yummy. We made this chicken dish the other night and it was amazing! No portioning or weighing your food. My focus is on helping people be the best version of themselves!

Congratulations on choosing to begin your transformation journey! You have made a choice that will change your life—for the better—for many years to come. Begin your journey today by making and keeping one small promise! It adapts easily to your daily routine for weight loss success, and it helps you avoid that dreaded weight loss plateau. Chris and I have put together just the program for you! It combines strength training for muscle development and maintenance and cardio for accelerating calorie burnto turn your body into a maximum calorie-burning machine.

So learn about the basics and benefits of exercise first, tepme then get moving today! When you put all of this together, your journey becomes whole. Take a look at the stereogram image above. This captures the essence of transformation so beautifully. Before you shift your focus, all you see is a chaotic mess of dumbbells and food. Basically, it is the confusing mess of every single diet and exercise program out there for weight loss.

But once you shift your focus, the 3-D path of motivational weight loss tempe transformation—and lifelong weight loss—becomes clear. Any of these options can help you achieve your goals! I have your Extreme Transformation book twice and truly enjoyed it! I just had a question: in the book, it is recommended to take a multivitamin and some natural psyllium fiber daily. There are so many brands out there, do you have specific brands you recommend?

What do you suggest we look for or not when shopping for a multivitamin and psyllium fiber? Hi Motivational weight loss tempe Welcome to carb cycling! Any multivitamin can work, as well as any fiber supplement. I ended up delivering my daughter 7weeks early and at lbs and felt like a beached whale!! I started exercising again after my daughter was healthy which took about motivational weight loss tempe after she was born, during this time I also went tejpe a separation, then divorce and my weight went up to lbs, it took 6 mos but I got the temep off and maintained at about lbs for years, which was comfortable for me and I was a size which is great for me….

In was my last knee replacement and I never worked so hard at my rehab and by the end of I was out of the wheelchair and I was walking alone without a walker, crutches or a cane. I worked really hard at getting my weight off and within 8mos I was back down to lbsand back down to a size Now, the weight has stayed off until about 2 yrs ago when I started to have issues with nerve damage to my rt.

Can you or Chris help? You both can do this! I have struggled with my weight every since I was in middle school. I was always the heaviest girl in all my groups of friends, have always felt self conscious about the motiational I looked and have never seemed to reach my goals. I have very low confidence in myself. I am ready to make change and enjoy life alittle more with my mofivational amazing little girls and husband in my life.

Any advice or tips would be much helpful. Hi Breann: Congratulations on your new baby girl! Be sure and check out all the links too. Step 1: Make and keep that first small, simple promise to yourself. Step 2: Choose a carb cycle. You can do this! I am cm tall. I really need your help here. Please help me out. Hi Ankitha: All of the tools you need to begin your transformation journey are in this post.

Be lows and read all the links in the post, then make and keep that first small, simple promise to yourself. Step 2 is to choose a carb cycle, and go! Hi Sidney: All of the tools you need to begin and achieve your transformation are in this post! You can totally do this! I first would motivtaional to say what a fan I am of Chris and Heidi.

Motivational weight loss tempe both have hearts of gold, to take time to help people that other people just want to toss away. I have always been overweight, ever since I was a child. Motivational weight loss tempe highest weight was With dieting and exercising I have made it to No weight loss surgeries. I have a question for you, would it be possible for me to be able to lose lbs in a motivationao, if so what would be the best way to do so?

I am ready to finish this up to be able to get rid of the skin.

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Are you an exercise virgin? Get active with Adventure Boot Camp with a 4 week outdoor exercise programme for women of all fitness levels. Learn the steps to natural vegan weight loss. This 9-week plant-based course teaches you how to transform your body and lifestyle to find success!. Nutrition for Lean Body Mass: What Should I Know to Manage LBM Loss? Continuing Education Units: For Physicians: maximum of AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s) TM;.

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