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She supposedly just ate one sweet potato and one kpop weight loss diet per day. But Some of the things people over here have been trying vary a lot. There is the constant, overbearing pressure that you may place on yourself or others place on you to always look good. While looking through all the Korean celebrity diets, we discovered UEE weight loss. I know that's a lot and I really want to change it now! Stick with it welght at least three weeks. I'm 5'2, and I started weeight pounds.

Restaurants Near Me Chef Breakfast Healthy Restaurant Desserts Foodpics Lunch nyc Recipes All tags Edit Kpop Diet Tips That You May Not Know If all you know about the Korean Pop Music scene is your awkward attempts to do Psy's lasso dance, you're missing out on what has rapidly become a global phenomenon and South Korea's biggest cultural export.

Kpop, as it's known, kpop weight loss diet grown beyond the borders of that country, with Kpop idols the Kpop term for a pop star is idol, so get hip sporting fantastically trim bodies that their fans hope to get for themselves. Many of the idols in the Kpop scene embrace certain diets and exercise regimens that they openly discuss in interviews for fans who are curious as to how the singing stars stay in such fantastic shape.

We've collected some of the best Kpop diet plans and weight loss tips here for you to try for yourself! Being a Kpop idol isn't just about having a kpop weight loss diet voice or strong kpop weight loss diet to sing, although both those things help. Take a look at Kpop idols all over the charts, and you'll notice something striking, that they're all in fantastic shape.

To be a Kpop idol, you have to not only be in shape, but you also have to have the energy to perform what is often a grueling schedule of concerts, recording sessions, and publicity appearances. Kpop idols take to this grueling lifestyle with kpop weight loss diet attitudes and glowing appearances. It's only natural then that as fans we would want to imitate that that approach to healthy living in our own lives. By following the same guides for eating and exercise as our favorite idols, we can try to get on their level.

If you can keep track of three paper cups, you're ready for the simplicity of the paper cups Kpop diet. Espoused by Kpop idols Nine Muses, this diet simply involves using small portion sizes to ensure weight loss and weight maintenance. It's important what kpop weight loss diet into those paper cups, too. Sera and Hyemi of of Nine Muses recommend doing it like they do: one cup gets brown or multi-grain rice, one cup gets a kpop weight loss diet or vegetable, and one gets a side, perhaps of almonds or some other healthy element.

You can also vary things a little by adding a meat portion in place of the vegetable or fruit at dinner time. Just try to avoid anything that's really high in sodium or fat content. The rice, meat and sides should provide you with the carbs and calories you'll need for energy, and the veggies and fruit should give you enough essential vitamins. Because you're strictly controlling your portions, though, a multivitamin may be a good way to just to ensure the healthy nature of this Kpop diet. If you find that you need more energy and calories than you're getting from kpop weight loss diet diet, experiment with slightly raising the portion sizes too.

Dieting can be a hassle that wears you down, constantly trying to keep track of what's OK to eat and what isn't. Seo In-Young, the Kpop idol and TV star has the perfect diet for you to try. It's called the banana diet, and it isn't complicated at all. You eat, you guessed it, bananas. Specifically, on the banana diet you eat two of these fruits in the morning, with two cups of water to drink.

Then you simply have a regular lunch and dinner where anything is fine, as long as you don't totally stuff your face. You can kpop weight loss diet eat up to 2 bananas throughout the day, along with drinking at least another liter of water. We like that this diet lets us snack when we need to, even if the snack is bananas. Bananas are very healthy, they're fairly filling, and you should get plenty of energy if you follow this.

Seo has been a vocal proponent of the diet, saying it's helped her to maintain her slender figure. One thing we should point out is that this isn't a rapid weight loss diet like the paper cups plan. This diet involves more gradual weight loss, and is also great for maintaining a target weight when you slim down. We understand all that, but those nutritionists may not have kpop weight loss diet squeeze into formal wear for a wedding in two weeks, either. There are times when you've got to lose weight quickly, and one way to do it is a diet variously known as the Copenhagen Diet or the Danish Hospital Diet.


Video embedded  · We talked for a bit about different Korean Diet Trends, and mentioned a few people in the Kpop industry that have rather interesting diet stories. Kpop celebrities that went from looking flab to fab! kpop weight loss diet korean styles. Check out these before and after diet photos of Korea’s hottest stars!. K-Diet Asian celebrities/ K-pop diets and more! Home; 15& 's powerful vocalist Park Ji Min talked about weight loss and gain during the ' K-Pop Star ' special on.

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