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By visiting our website, you will receive our email newsletters sjlicone advertising promotions. TruVision is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations, or methods described in this material. Remember if your ring doesn't fit correctly after receiving it we will replace it for free. After reviewing Slimming Toe Ring, it was easy to come to a decision. If Slimming Toe Ring does not work, this mmagnetic an issue to consider. Magnetic Toe Rings Browse Related Browse Related Also shop in Also shop in. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Breathability: Groove Ring's patent pending breathable features make it the first active silicone ring that keeps air moving in and allows moisture out. The infinity loops, air-ports, and inner arch lessen the contact of your finger with the ring, allowing it to "breathe". Lifetime Warranty: If Groove Ring breaks, stretches, tears or if you lose it, we have you covered.

Low Profile: Groove Ring is super low profile and designed to health slimming slim weight loss silicone magnetic toe ring worn close to the skin since it "breathes". Having your active ring snug on your finger is essential to prevent your finger from snagging on objects your hand comes in contact with. Liquid Poured: Groove Ring is also the first type of ring to be liquid injected.

This process gives Groove its perfect look with limited mold lines, checks, or flaws! Groove Ring is the world's first breathable active ring that is not only super comfortable but functional. Born from need, GROOVE raises the bar on traditional silicone, activewear rings with its flexible material, patent pending inner breathable design, and beautiful ringg. It begs to be worn, shown and tested everyday no matter what the circumstance. Either way we have you covered. If your Groove ever rips, stretches, tears even if you lose it or don't like your colors we will exchange or replace.

So get your Groove on and use it in any circumstance. That's why you bought a silicone ring in first place. See our warranty details here. Groove Life offers a lifetime warranty on all rings purchased. Our super handy measurement sheet below is a sure fire way to get an accurate sized ring the first time. If after you size your finger and still don't get the right size, not to worry. We have an easy exchange policy to insure a perfect fit. Click on the picture below to download and print.

IMPORTANT: Groove is designed to be worn snug to your finger. Even if healty know your size please re-measure. If you are a half size we recommend sizing down. You should have the perfect fit for your new Groove Ring! Remember if your ring doesn't fit correctly after receiving it we will health slimming slim weight loss silicone magnetic toe ring it for free.

The World's First Breathable Silicone Active Ring. Groove is not just a wedding band! Healt Amazing Lifetime Warranty. Shop our range of silicone rings and silicone wedding bands. Groove Original is what started it all. Launched on Weighy in December,Groove Original blew past its funding goal and launched a company! Groove Original Silicone Ring - Midnight Black Groove Original Silicone Ring - Deep Stone Grey Groove Original Silicone Ring - Storm Grey

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Clinically Proven Probiotic for Digestive Support & Immune Health. Find great deals on eBay for Magnetic Toe Ring in Weight Loss The Magnetic Slimming & Health Silicone Gel Toe Ring Health Slimming Slim Weight Loss Toe Ring. Comfort Fit & Low Profile. Lifetime Warranty. Shop Today! Groove Silicone Rings - Active, Silicone Wedding Bands that Breathe | Groove Life.

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