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Next Steps for Vets. Nice age for having resilient skin. I have lost a little over 40 lbs total so far and have about 50 more to go. If you find that your weight is up a few pounds consistently for more than a pounes, it's time to up your exercise, keep track of your intake and turn things around. After Huge Weight Loss, Sagging Skin Remains.

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Support the OAC and our mission to elevate and empower individuals affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support! Will I need reconstructive plastic surgery after weight-loss? Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS For a PDF version of this article, please click here. With weight gain, the skin stretches 100 pounds weight loss skin accommodate underlying excess muscle and fat.

After weight-loss, skin tries to recoil or bounce back. The ability for skin to recoil at all is truly amazing. This incredible ability is due in part to the elastic fibers within skin. The contractile forces of skin also allow skin to bounce back after such natural things as childbirth. Skin possesses naturally occurring elastic fibers which act similar to the elastic fibers in a rubber band.

The effect of weight gain on skin is similar to the effect of pulling a rubber band. With enough constant stretch applied, the fibers in the rubber band become disrupted or break. With weight gain, the skin is similarly stretched and the elastic fibers are disrupted. After weight-loss or after removing the load from the rubber band, the elastic fibers contract, but only so much.

In either case, the result is a reflection of the ability of the elastic fibers to completely contract. The amount of skin recoil is multi-factorial. There are major and minor factors involved. The main factor determining skin recoil is the amount of stretch. Even if skin recoil is excellent, the ability of the skin to recoil may be ruined by 100 pounds weight loss skin amount of stretch.

Typically, the more significant the stretch on the skin, the less likely the skin will shrink back completely. Thus, the more weight you lose, the more likely you will need plastic surgery. Everything else being equal, the skin of a person who loses pounds is different from one that loses pounds. Younger skin has 100 pounds weight loss skin elastic properties and thus, has more inherent abilities to spring back. Expecting your skin to completely shrink back to the way your tummy looked when you were 20 years old after a pound weight-loss is simply unrealistic.

These accelerators 100 pounds weight loss skin skin aging are the topic of much medical research. Thus, avoidance of sun, smoking cessation, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly all contribute to healthy skin with maximal contractile or recoil ability. These factors lead to skin contraction and recoil after weight-loss. However, sometimes it is not even the sheer amount of excess skin that may lead one to seek reconstructive plastic surgery.

Even minor amounts of excess skin can become moist and harbor bacteria. These bacteria can then lead to chronic skin infections that are impossible to eradicate without reconstructive plastic surgery. This type of plastic surgery is performed to make a patient feel whole and to help complete their weight-loss journey. No one else can tell you — not your family, nor your friends. Reconstructive plastic surgery after 100 pounds weight loss skin is a personal choice.

Always remember, the most important decision you have made has been to lose weight. Almost always, weight-loss significantly and positively impacts your health. Weight-loss can lead to the elimination of some forms of diabetes and high blood pressure, in addition to reduction on the weight of your ankles, knees and hips. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS, is a plastic surgeon who practices in Beverly Hills, CA.

Katzen specializes in reconstructive plastic surgery after weight-loss. He has performed thousands of procedures on weight-loss patients.

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The Myth of Loose Skin Read or have bariatric surgery to quickly lose those pounds. and everyone seems plagued with loose skin after weight loss. Will I need reconstructive plastic surgery after after a pound weight - loss and excellent skin Reconstructive plastic surgery after weight-loss is. After Huge Weight Loss, Sagging Skin Remains. by Melissa Dahl. The report followed about patients who’d lost about pounds after weight-loss surgery.

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