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I changed my mind. But you need to look at the pros and cons of all types piills pills before using them as a daily supplement. What Are Chocolate Banana Diet Diet pills chocolate banana. The Original Diet Pill Review Resource. There are several better options in our opinion that offer a better chance of success than Chocolate Banana.

All products that are recommended by Slimmers Weekly adhere to legislation and participate in best business practises. I would also like to have this done to my thighs. Phil Tuts on Fat loss pills list Metaboliser Review — pillw Nutritional Headquaters Tried them for 2 weeks, no real effect. The calorie restriction seemed to do the work. Sharon Petersen on Nuvoryn Review, Does It Work, Positives and Negatives, Customer Complaints and Stockists I would like to know where I can buy Nuvoryn tablets.

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Like Us On Facebook. Tag Archives: Chocolate Banana Diet Pills. Chocolate Banana Review, Does This Delicious Sounding Slimming Tablet Live Up To Expectation. Posted on August 1, by Natalie Jay. Unfortunately it pillw not a new form of diet that allows you to eat chocolate and bananas; it is the brand name for a range of dietary supplements and slimming pills. The brand is aimed mainly at the younger end diet pills chocolate banana the dieting spectrum and primarily at women, pi,ls this is more to pjlls with the sleek packaging and female-centric diet pills chocolate banana than the actual contents of the pills.

Claims: To be the cheeky way to lose weight Negatives : Product is a let down — no clinical chhocolate, testimonials or real product information The Chocolate Banana range of supplements has recently been expanded and now includes the Original Chocolate Banana slimming supplement, Chocolate Banana Ultra, Chocolate Banana Special Edition, Chocolate Banana Thermite and Chocolate Banana Thermite Plus. The ingredient for each product varies diet pills chocolate banana but they all work on the principle of increasing fat burning, diet pills chocolate banana appetite and increasing you overall energy levels and sense of wellbeing.

Green tea is one of the ingredients in Chocolate Banana Ultra. Green tea was once the tipple of choice of only the Japanese aristocracy and inspired a whole cult of tea-making ceremonies, but it is now drunk worldwide thanks to its refreshing taste and metabolism boosting properties. However it is also found in many skincare products as it has chocolafe properties, is diet pills chocolate banana to the skin and is a good treatment for acne. Reviewing ddiet effectiveness of the Chocolate Banana range of cgocolate pills is made rather difficult by the fact that their website contains very little information on the contents of their pills.

Over the range of products, caffeine seems to be the main ingredient, with other common weight loss extracts added in, such as Green Tea, Acai Berry, and citrus aurentium. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and can increase your mental chocolzte, concentration levels and energy. It can also have the side effects of causing upset stomachs and insomnia, so it is best avoided in high doses if diet pills chocolate banana are particularly sensitive to it.

Unfortunately none of the Chocolate Banana products have any information on the concentration of the extracts in them so it is hard to judge how effective they may or may not be. Some of the extracts listed are known to have weight loss and appetite suppressant chocoolate but only at certain concentrations, but there is no way of knowing if the Chocolate Banana products possess these extracts in high enough levels to be effective. If independent reviews are anything to go by from other forums and slimming pill websites, the results seem to be very mixed.

Chofolate seems to be an alarming number of testimonials that tell of hospitalisation after dite the products due to high heart rates and fainting. This is post from the popular NetMums forum This is particularly concerning since the products are aimed at young adults who are less likely to have pre-existing heart conditions, and because some of the products diet pills chocolate banana chocilate aurentium, which has been linked to an increased rate in strokes.

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Sep 25,  · Chocolate Banana Slimming Pills possibly illegal? Chocolate Banana Slimming Pills possibly illegal? I did discontinue use or Chocolate Banana. within the reductil buy online / chocolate banana slimming tablets / slimming pills. Syntha-6 Banana Bread Ingredients Needed ¾ cup stevia 1 scoop. Product Features Chocolate Banana slimming pills are the UKs number one slimming product.

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