Weight loss with mirena coil

Wk 9 - 1lb. Wk 1 - 7lbs. If you have weigth experienced this struggle you cannot fully understand the frustration. You have been unsubscribed. The hair loss that I was experiencing while I had the Mirena was REE - diculous!!

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Cant find the threads of your coil or cant find the thread you posted? I personally dont think it would make a difference, it was probably just that individual who experienced that. I have a question, did you have a large weight gain after having the coil put in?. I had a mirena coil when I lost 6 stone on LL a couple of years ago. I know alot of women have problems with the mirena but Im on my second one now and it's the best thing I ever had - period free is just wonderful.

OOOOh I had one of them, it was horrible, it wasnt for contraception, but heavy monthly loss. It certainly didn't agree with me, if anything it made my periods worse. Microwave endometrial ablation did the trick, well my monthly loss isn't as bad as it was, which is good for me. I did put on weight while I had it, and had terrible migraines as well, so was glad to get rid of it. But everyone is different and it just didn't do the trick for me.

WK 0 12st 0lb. WK 1 -9 now 11st 5lb. I am having the same experience, breakthrough and more shows. Had a routine smeat last week and practice nurse said this wasn't unusual. As for the coil coming loose well suppose it is possible as some people have lost theirs without knowing it. LETS JUST HOPE THAT WAS IN THE LADIES. Wk 1 - 7lbs. Wk 2 - 6lbs. Wk 3 - 4lbs. Wk 4 - 3lbs. Wk 5 - 5lbs. Wk 6 - 2lbs. Wk 8 - 3lbs. Wk 9 - 1lb.

Wk 10 - 6lbs. Wk 11 - 4lbs. Wk 13 - 2lbs. Week 14 - weight loss with mirena coil. Week 15 -2 target. Oh Dear -lost another 2lbs - currently 11st 4. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Tech And How To. We have a multitude of forums, from Slimming World and Exante, to Success Stories. Click the logo at the top right to return to the forum home page at any time. Similar Threads - mirena coil weight. Impact of weight loss in relationships. Back to lose pregnancy weight!

Day Total Weight Loss: 3st9lb Lipotrim. Weight Loss Equivalant- For Motivation. Your name or email address:. Separate names with a comma. Search this weight loss with mirena coil only. Search this forum only. Weight loss with mirena coil results as threads.

Dr Karen Morton on Mirena Coil side effects

Phentermine 8 mg three times a day Now FDA approved for weight loss. Did you lose weight after having the Mirena taken out? No actual weight loss Hoping to hear others stories that once Mirena was removed, weight loss became. » Mirena coil halting weight loss? Start new thread in this topic I was trying to lose baby weight when I had my mirena fitted. My weight loss stalled for a few.

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