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Not only that, but Shaun has a unique passion to helping people lose weight without the restrictive meal plans that most other diets force you to wolf down. This program is a proven carb-cycling program that introduces to you the theory of carbohydrate cycling as a dieting method. It is formulated to be sustainable. Shaun has been around the weight loss and fitness industry for a long time. This is the perfect solution for someone who enjoys food but has lsos with 4 cycle fat loss reviews in the past. The scientific foundation of this program is solid. Although Shaun really takes this further and shows you now how to trick your body into burning fat for fuel, but Shaun will teach you how to make your body adapt to this as a way of life!

Chris Sherlock 4 Comments There has been a lot of talk recently about whether or not eating carbs is a good thing when it comes to fat loss. I get annoyed when I watch TV programs that suggest you should start cutting ALL carbs out of your diet if you 4 cycle fat loss reviews start seeing results. So the question really is…. Not only that, he wants you to eat carbs to burn fat.

Most people will think that it is just not possible to 4 cycle fat loss reviews foods like white rice, potatoes, and white bread and lose weight, but Shaun claims this can be done with the knowledge found in the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution. Shaun Hadsall, the author of the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution, is an ex-fitness model who placed as the first runner-up in a body transformation contest with over 20, people competing around the world.

He has spent over 15 years in the fitness and nutrition industry, working with and helping people to lose fat. He and his wife have even run a top ten personal training franchise for over five years. His methods have been featured on many television and radio programs, as 4 cycle fat loss reviews as magazines. While he admits that it is not easy to burn fat and get a great body, his system really works and is out together in a way that makes it simple for people of all ages.

Just a quick side note — I 4 cycle fat loss reviews come to hear of Shaun through Craig Ballantyne, and after reading various posts from Shaun himself I quickly realized he had similar views to me on motivation and having a positive outlook on life as a whole. With the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution, you learn about how your body works with high carb foods and why the information that you have been told about them is simply false.

The methods taught in the program have been proven over many years and are backed by science. I have now decided to answer these facts because as I have noticed, a few people have taken advantage of this and have started claiming some iffy facts just in an effort to take your hard earned cash. The way the review will go, is I will sum up in my own words what Shaun claims on the sales page then answer whether or not this fact is true.

Take for example the lie that brown rice is so much better for you than white rice because of its fiber content; while it is true that white rice has had the fiber removed from it, if you tried to get your fiber from brown rice you would be racking up the calories. This is something I have read up about a lot in the past and Shaun really explains it very well here. He is completely right in what he is saying in regards to the extra calories you could be racking up. You may well be getting that 4 cycle fat loss reviews little bonus of fiber with your rice but you may also be consuming more calories than thought.

If you eat a higher glycemic index food like white rice with other foods and understand the portions, then the glycemic index has no real 4 cycle fat loss reviews. Carbs with a lower glycemic index number can be good for you, but the index numbers can be misleading. I remember back in college when I was studying to become a trainer, that the whole glycemic index did seem a little dodgy.

I mean attaching a simple number to a food does seem a little close minded. With things like nutrition there are so many variables to take into account. It is actually our number one source of fuel. High carb foods even suppress your hunger so you can stay in control. If you eat more carbs, like white rice, in a specific way as outlined in the 4 Cycle Fat Loss System, then you actually lose more fat. I know 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is a product based on the nutrition side of fat loss 4 cycle fat loss reviews I would have liked to seen a more complete workout program.

Those two just re-enforced what I originally said that Shaun loves riding that positive wave! Another great positive from the program is the time frame in which you are given. As the name suggests there are 4 cycles strategically put together allowing you keep seeing results while staying motivated all the way through. So taking that into mind I decided it would be better to put the program under scrutiny early on in the review and give you my honest opinion on whether or not you should go ahead with purchasing it.

4 Cycle Solution Review - Fat Loss 4 Cycle Solution Program - The Fat Loss Solution SCAM?

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Review. 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution As I was writing this 4 Cycle Fat Loss System review I kept finding myself agreeing with different. 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Review: Can using Shaun Hadsall's Carb Depletion, The Author Behind The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution. Shaun Hadsall. Shaun Hadsall. 4 Cycle Fat Loss Reviews – Author’ Claims. 4 Cycle Fat Loss Reviews – How 4 Cycle Fat Loss Program Works. In this weight loss soulution.

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